Dear journalists, welcome to the final tournament of the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix 2015/16 that will be held from November 18 till December 02 2016 in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia!

Here is some useful information about the tournament that will help you to make your work well-organized and the coverage of the event efficient and full.


Ugra Chess Academy, Lopareva street 6, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia

Schedule of the tournament

Date Time Event
17.11.2016 Th Arrival
18.11.2016 Fr Arrival
17:00 Players meeting
18:00 Opening Ceremony
19.11.2016 Sa 15:00 Round 1
20.11.2016 Su 15:00 Round 2
21.11.2016 Mon 15:00 Round 3
22.11.2016 Tu 15:00 Round 4
23.11.2016 We Free day
24.11.2016 Th 15:00 Round 5
25.11.2016 Fr 15:00 Round 6
26.11.2016 Sa 15:00 Round 7
27.11.2016 Su 15:00 Round 8
28.11.2016 Mon Free day
29.11.2016 Tu 15:00 Round 9
30.11.2016 We 15:00 Round 10
01.12.2016 Th 11:00 Round 11
20:00 Closing Ceremony
02.12.2016 Fr Departure


Journalists accreditation

The accreditation will give you access to the Press Center of the tournament, Press-conferences with the participants and organizers, Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the event and the Spectators area from where you can follow the games.

Taking pictures is allowed for Press, but only for the first 10 minutes of each round and without flash. The official photographers of the event have the right to take photos without flash during the whole rounds.

Film and TV cameras and recording equipment may be brought into the venue, installed and operated only by special permission of the Organizers.

It is not allowed to use mobile phones, computers or any other electronic devices in the Playing hall and the Spectators area. It is also required to keep silence there and not to disturb players during the games.


Press Center 

Press Center of the event is located on the ground floor of the Ugra Chess Academy. Only accredited journalists have the right to use the press center which will be in service from 12:00 a.m. till 22:00 every day and will have Wi-Fi connection, copying machines, printers and some refreshments for the journalists.

The FIDE press-officer of the tournament is Etery Kublashvili (Tel: +79057917651,


Website, social networks 

The official website of the final tournament of the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix 2015/16 is It contains information about the event in two languages (English and Russian). The website will be updated with daily news, pictures, videos, game results and analysis. The journalists are also welcome to follow the official page of the tournament on Facebook FIDE Women’s Grand Prix 2015/16 and to use in their publications the official hashtags of the event #ugrachess and #wgp2016 .


Parings and results

Parings and results will be available on the official website of the event.


Internet, live streaming 

Live streaming of the games will be made through the official website of the tournament with commentaries in English language.

Our commentator is Evgeniy Miroshnichenko.


Press-conferences and interviews 

Press-conferences will be carried in the Press Center of the Ugra Chess Academy. General interviews with participants and officials of the tournament have to be arranged through the FIDE press-officer. Press-conferences with the participants will be held upon the end of each game of every round.

The journalists are invited to find out more about the final tournament of the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix 2015/16 from the official website of the event.